Next book?

I’ve been thinking about my next book.

It’s not a lack of ideas — it’s not even a lack of effort. I’ve got at least two separate books that are already in process, a good 40 or 50 pages in. It’s that I’m having a hard time focusing my thoughts into either one of them.

Maybe because I’ve been gloomy lately, but I think it might be interesting to put out a book of suicide notes. Not literal suicide notes, really, but notes inspired by suicide notes. Do some research into what people’s last coherent thoughts were before deciding not to think at all, and then formulate that into something that may have narrative, but would really be an investigation into what things we think are important in our final moments.

Of course, I’m going to Google the phrase ‘suicide notes’ or ‘suicide note examples’ and get a million mental health checks from my internet provider, but whatever. It might be worth exploring. I’ll look into it and see if there’s any meat there.