"Austin Hudson is the kind of person any mayor would be glad to have in his city, and frankly, we need more people just like him.

A few months ago, I asked for volunteers to help with a new flag redesign for South Jordan. Austin not only submitted some ideas, he presented it with professionalism and competence. This pro-bono work would be only the first of several projects that Austin would engage in.

Austin also created a unique website which introduced neighbors to each other, by featuring high quality photos. During election time, he created a very comprehensive website for voters to see a thorough review of the candidates. It would be difficult to chronicle all of that which Austin has done for South Jordan, but suffice it to say, he has done much and done so with a tone of unification and city pride.

It's been my pleasure to get to know Austin and his name should be included in any list of South Jordan's favorite sons."

Mayor David Alvord
Mayor of South Jordan, UT (2014 - 2018)

"How many times have you had a grand idea that will prove to help others or, at the very least, put a smile on the face of a stranger, only never to act on the thought or idea? Austin isn’t like that. 

He gets an idea that will improve a single life, or a community, or even the nation and the world in general and he puts it to action.
He’s not only a do-gooder, but a do-er. He finishes things. He does things. He doesn’t let the kind thought languish and die inside his head, but he puts them out there risking ridicule because, ‘Nobody can be that nice, what’s his angle?”

But Austin is. And as long as I’ve known him, I’ve never come across any other angle than to improve the lives of those around him. He turns his random thoughts of kindness and turns them into surprising, often adventurous, tasks. And the best part about it is he invites everybody else to join in.  To describe Austin in one word, I’d say inclusive.
Though to describe him as “all-inclusive” would limit his creativity, sense of adventure, and kindness. 

Anyway. That’s all. Take it for what it’s worth. Whatever your reason for reading this, whatever you’re considering Austin to do, rest assured, Austin will make it better, more fun, he will exceed your expectations."

Thad Weiland
Owner, Domain Real Estate


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank Austin and the team for their service and professionalism over the last three years. I started working with Austin as a Graphic Designer and most recently as a Marketing Specialist [...]. I have been supremely impressed with the level of service that Austin provides on a daily basis. He has always been extremely responsive with correspondence which has been invaluable to the level of service we can provide our customers and sales reps. Not only is he able to respond with fast and accurate quotes [...], but he is also able to coordinate and facilitate the many projects that we send him on a daily basis often with very tight timelines and specific needs. He accepts these projects with a very positive attitude and relays the confidence that the job will be delivered correctly and on time

Austin has also provided a very detailed eye and has notified us if there was ever a mistake on the artwork or if information was incorrect or missing, often preventing costly mistakes. In the very rare circumstance that something unexpected happened [...], he has always been very proactive at making the situation right and satisfying our customers. 

I have found Austin extremely easy to work with, creative and friendly to our staff and customers alike. It has been a pleasure to work with him and the entire team." 

John Swee
Dodge Creative

"... Best in the Business..." 

- R.M., regional sales manager

"First, this piece is terrific. Excellent target with compelling, heartfelt information and graphics... just up my alley, so to speak."

- M.L., client


 "[Austin] is [...] our best customer service manager along with the creative director so he's quite talented."

- T.P., Austin's boss

"I like this. You are so awesome! Sent you garbage and you make it beautiful! [You're] fantastic! "

- J.B., client

"You rock, Austin, no other way to put it! Thank you so much..." 

- G.S., marketing coordinator


"Thank you so much for your speedy turnaround on this and all my projects. Greatly appreciated!!!' 

- L.H., marketing specialist


"I was just singing your praises over here! I can't get over how fast you turned these projects today!

Who would a girl have to write to in order to pass along compliments to your boss?

Seriously... CAN THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER?!?!" 

- K.R., marketing specialist


"[Austin] IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We are LOVING him over here!!! Oh my goodness!! He is so on top of things... very pleasant... and so nice to work with!!!" 

- A.W., marketing coordinator


"Compliments to you. You are prompt and reliable!

- K.P., client

"This is fantastic!! Thanks so much Austin!!  You have done an amazing job with all of us!"

- P.P., regional sales manager

"I love this and so does the boss :) you did great!" 

- C.H., client


"Looks fantastic to me. This is why we love you - you get it right the first time. Thanks." 

- B.R., high value accounts manager

"There has been no stress on our end. You are rockin' all these requests and I totally appreciate the attention to detail, the willingness to step in/up and help and your speediness! [...] You are a ROCKSTAR!"

- S.J., marketing manager