The Gentle Post



Hello! My name is Post Bear, and I’m your personal mail carrier. My friend Austin helped me set up this website, whose purpose is simple:

If you need to share a problem, a concern, a worry, whatever, you can write your letter to me and I’ll secretly deliver it via the Gentle Post. The person who ends up with your letter will write you back with words of encouragement, and hopefully make you feel a little better about whatever you wrote about. They may not be able to solve all your problems, but they might make you feel a little less alone!



Q: If I write, will someone know it’s me?

A: No. Your return address will not be made available to anyone outside of me (and even then, just so I can send you back your letters).

Q: Can I say who I am?

A: Please don’t. In order to keep the system anonymous and provide the most honest support, it’s helpful if you don’t give away too much information.

Q: Will my messages be 100% private?

A: Sort of — in order to get you replies, people are obviously going to have to read your note at some point. That’s why the first two items are super important… keeping you confidential means that even if your note makes it out of the Gentle Post system somehow, you’re still not identified.

Q: How are you going to use my return mail address?

A: I’ll scribble it in my little notebook for a few days (just long enough to deliver any return mail), and then get rid of it. You won’t receive any spam or junk mail as a result of giving me your email address.

Q: Who is running the Gentle Post behind the scenes?

A: The site is hosted and managed by Austin Hudson, who will make sure all the messages end up in the right places.