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“his name should be included in any list of South Jordan's favorite sons.”

Mayor David Alvord
Mayor of South Jordan, UT (2014 - 2018)


Austin Hudson is an acclaimed visual artist, award-winning community activist, internationally recognized advertising guru, and no awards at all winning writer.

Known broadly for his creative output, Austin has since produced hundreds of bits of mediocre content, including essays, short stories, eBooks, and poems. His artwork is frequently collected by fans nationally and internationally, including a permanent outdoor display in his home town of South Jordan, Utah, and Austin’s mildly amusing content has even reached #1 on the Reddit homepage (whose viewership totals over 1.6 million users a day) and reached Reddit’s front page on six separate occasions.

In a successful attempt to fight off starvation, Austin has worked for more than a decade in the world of advertising, and is considered an expert in helping small businesses market. In that time, Austin has consulted on and created more than 15,000 advertising projects for small business clients totaling over $40,000,000. His designs and expertise have been utilized by everything from Fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop businesses, guaranteeing success at every price point and level.

Finally, Austin is known throughout the Salt Lake Valley for his award-winning non-profit and activist work. His community-focused creations have been seen in more than 40 countries, and his unique approach to dealing with the world's greater problems has led to several features in media outlets across the United States.


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