(Hi Kelli!)

STEP 1: Buy supplies

Here’s a shopping list of stuff you’ll need. You can find all of this at Walmart if you get lucky; otherwise, you need a craft store.

  1. Felt sheets ($.50/ea.) - three of each in whatever colors you want. If you want a generic person, you’d get three sheets of tan. If you want to make a literal ninja, three sheets of black. If you want to give him pants or a shirt, get felt in those colors too. These are in the crafts section at Walmart.

  2. Embroidery floss ($.38/ea.) - Get one of each in whatever colors match the colors you bought above. If you bought tan sheets, get an ecru-colored floss. Black for black, red for red, blue for blue, etc.; you just need one little floss pack for each color you pick. These will be near the fabrics at a Walmart. You’ll want these instead of thread because they’re thicker and can take a little more damage than regular thread.

  3. Fabric scissors ($4) - You might already have fabric scissors, but if not, get a pair.

  4. Sewing needles ($3/pack) - You might already have these, if not, get a pack of 1-3s.

  5. Disappearing ink pen ($4) - Also by the fabrics, these aren’t a requirement, but they’ll make everything much easier.

  6. Stuffing ($8) - You can get a smaller bag, but you probably want polyfill rather than beads. The beads are cool, but they come out of every corner, so just get the regular fluff fill. Some Walmarts will have this, but if you ended up needing to go to a craft store, it’d probably be for this.

  7. Buttons, safety eyes, etc. ($3) - Depends on what you want to do for eyes; if you don’t use black fabric that you’re going to sew on, you can buy buttons to sew on, special doll safety eyes, a whole bunch of stuff. Your choice.


Click here to open the doll PDF, and print it on a printer at ‘actual size’ or ‘100% scale’. Either or. If you can print it on heavy paper, like card stock, you’re better off.


Cut the doll template out of regular paper, and then place it onto a sheet of felt that you’re going to use for the main body. Trace around the template with the disappearing ink (which will go away in a day or two, or instantly with water). Trace it twice on two separate pieces of felt, and then use your fabric scissors to cut those body shapes out.


You can sew it in a bunch of different ways using the embroidery floss. You can either whip stitch, or blanket stitch — both are fine, just do whatever you’re comfortable with.

If you’re going to attach eyes, this would be the point to do it before you sew the doll up.

Attach the two doll pieces together (eyes facing out, duh), and start sewing starting at the green X. Work all your way around to where the red X is, and then stop. You’re going to need to leave that space open to stuff with fluff.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 6.58.22 PM.png


Stuff the body with fluff. Not too much, but enough to give it shape. Use a pencil to push it down into the limbs, or your fingers, but be careful not to break your stitches. When you’re done, resume stitching at the red X and sew to the green X to close it off.



Depending on what you need to do, you’ll repeat some of these steps to make clothing. You’d essentially trace parts of the template (the torso and arms, the legs, etc.) onto different colored felt, cut out two sets, and then sew them together. Trace a little larger around the template to buy yourself room to sew clothing onto the base.

That should be mostly it? Hit me up if you have questions.