If you've been directed to this page, it's because you indicated you were looking to pay me for something. Now, I want to be very clear about a few things:

  1. If I took your project, it's because I wanted to do it, not because I wanted to get paid. If I wanted to get paid, we would have talked about money up-front.
  2. I don't need anything. I live a very blessed and fortunate life, and I absolutely don't need anything from you (unless you want to give me a life-changing amount of money, in which case, send me an e-mail).
  3. I am genuinely happy just to have helped you, you really don't need to worry about 'squaring up' with me. I won't think less of you for not 'repaying me', or be upset if you don't, or even really think twice about it. I help lots of folks with lots of things. Life's too short to keep tabs on it all.

CAVEAT: The P.I.T.A Rule

PITA is a really polite way of writing 'pain in the ass'. The short version is this: I'm helping you for free up until the point that working with you stops being fun, and then I need to start billing you. Please don't take it personally if you get converted to a PITA project (90% of graphic design is PITA work), but know that it simply means we've reached outside the boundaries of what I would consider a 'freebie' to be. Great examples are more than 5+ rounds of revisions, or arguing over font point sizes, or wanting to see twenty versions of one thing. If we get to that point, I'll shoot you over my actual billing structure.

I say all these things, but I've become aware that a certain percentage of people will not accept any of the above. They believe that fair work deserves fair compensation, and if I'm willing to do a kindness for them, I have to be willing to let them do a kindness for me. So that's the purpose of this page. Since I don't urgently need things, here's some ways you can 'pay me back'.




You can Venmo me money at @austinsurge , and be sure to mention in your description that it's for Projects. Your money will be used to print buttons or flyers or Christmas gifts or a number of things. You can also send stuff directly to:

Austin Hudson
3669 W. Desert Meadow Way
South Jordan, UT 84009


Donate to one of these groups: