Nothing stands out to you in this room. From an adjacent room, you hear the sound of an answering machine. You miss the first part of the conversation, but manage to hear:

—was an old cat, so it’s not like she didn’t know to avoid the street. It was terrible. A total mess. I sent the kids up to their room while I cleaned her up and got her into a garbage bag. We were gonna bury her in the back yard but seeing the way the body, like, sloshed around in the bag, I didn’t want the kids to see it. Anyway, that was last weekend, and this weekend our boy cat ended up getting hit. Whoever did it actually brought the cat to our porch, which would be thoughtful, I guess, but they left a card. The outside says, ‘Sometimes God takes puppies and kitties’, which is kinda weird, but it’s the inside that kinda freaks me out. The inside says, ‘Sometimes, I do too’.

THE CONVERSATION FADES OUT. Another room lies ahead.