What is it?

Secret Sunshine is a year-round Secret Santa program for people that I know. That is to say, everyone involved is somebody I know personally, or someone from my neighborhood. No strangers, no opportunists, just folks connected to each other in one way or another. This means that your Sunshine partner might be out of state, but that's OK -- they're still connected to your extended circle. Because of logistics, however, USA residents only. I'd love to be international but that can get tricky, so we're sticking to the continental US.


How does it work?

  1. You decide you want to be a part of this Secret Sunshine. There are no real requirements, other than that you must send a gift every month for the duration of the project. The gift/gifts can be handmade or purchased, but the value of gift/gifts given each month should be worth. I'm not trying to put a value on what you're doing, but I want to make sure everyone gets something of equal value. If you can't commit to $20 a month for the year, please don't participate, not because you're unwanted but because I don't want to put any financial strain on you. Only participate if you absolutely comfortably can.
  2. Fill out the form below. The information collected will be given to your Sunshine partner so they can attempt to tailor their gifts to you specifically.
  3. Once there are at least two participants, I'll start matching you up with other people. I'll give them your information, and give you someone else's information. This information is secret, and you don't want to let your Sunshine partner know who you are. Remember, it's a SECRET Sunshine.
  4. Add a calendar reminder on your phone for the first day of each month. That way you can easily remember to buy or create your gift once per month. At some time during each month, anonymously send or deliver your gift for the month. Tailoring your items to the other person's preferences is super, super cool.
  5. When you get your items, share it on social media. Let the world know it's cool to share among friends. Use the hashtag #secretsunshine
  6. ???
  7. Everyone profits from secretive fun!

I want to participate, let's do it!

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