The Lucky Marbles were made as a neighborhood gift for the 2017 holiday season. In the process of creating these marbles, they were:

• Blessed by three separate local holy leaders

• Was rubbed against a friend's lucky rabbit's foot (the rabbit is still alive, I'm against animal cruelty)

• Soaked overnight in a bath of four leaf clovers

• Hand-bagged with a four leaf clover like a freshness packet in a bag of beef jerky




The Magic Crayons were made as a neighborhood gift for the 2018 holiday season. In the process of creating these crayons, they were:

• Used by a magician in an act of magic (was vanished and reappeared twice)

• Experienced the magic of childbirth live and in-person

• Sorted by an old married couple with a magical relationship

• Sorted in their bedroom (where the magic happens)

• Subjected to a viewing of the full Harry Potter series while wearing Mickey Mouse ears

• Individually tapped with a magic wand before bagging




Rather than buy my own calendar each year, I typically design my own. The 2018 edition has been made available to my friends and neighbors in South Jordan, Utah, and includes sarcastic alternative holidays, neighborhood notes, and photos from around the city.

The calendar includes:

• Important civic phone numbers
• Recommendations of service providers
• Smart aleck commentary
• Pictures taken in South Jordan

A limited edition run of 49 calendars were produced and given away at random to neighbors.



Noteworthy Cards are kid-focused cards designed to be slid into sack lunches, backpacks, binders, or anywhere else! These cards come in a variety of styles, and are a perfect way to remind a child how much you care during the school day. Each pack comes with a complete 180 cards (enough for a traditional Utah school year), printed here in America on high quality glossy paper.