My Favorite Poems


For A Five-Year-Old, Fleur Adcock
Song, W.H. Auden
Snowflake, William Baer
Proverbs of Hell, William Blake
Calling Your Father, Robert Bly
A Man in Maine, Philip Booth
Con Job, Charles Bukowski
Internal Exile, Richard Cecil
Passengers, Billy Collins
The Parade, Billy Collins
Nothing is Lost, Noel Coward
Ordinary Life, Barbara Crooker
In The Middle, Barbara Crooker
Invitation, Carl Dennis
Dawn Revisited, Rita Dove
The Unsaid, Stephen Dunn
To a Frustrated Poet, R.J. Ellmann
In Paris With You, James Fenton
Death Mask, Edward Field
My Cup, Robert Friend
Unharvested, Robert Frost
Theater, William Greenway
Last Days, Donald Hall
Affirmation, Donald Hall
Ode to American English, Barbara Hanby
Easter Morning, Jim Harrison
Grow Up With Me, Keaton Henson
I'm With You, Keaton Henson
The Pugilist, Keaton Henson
Polite Plea, Keaton Henson
Smoke Signals, Keaton Henson
Calling Him Back From Layoff, Bob Hicok
Disappointment, Tony Hoagland
Wedding Poem for Schele and Phil, Bill Holm
In Praise of My Bed, Meredith Holmes
For My Daughter In Reply To A Question, David Ignatow
Diner, Louis Jenkins
The Purpose of Time is to Prevent Everything From Happening At Once, X.J. Kennedy
Spiral Notebook, Ted Kooser
The Prodigal Son's Brother, Steve Kowit
After Love, Maxine Kumin
Morning Swim, Maxine Kumin
There Comes The Strangest Moment, Kate Light
No Longer a Teenager, Gerald Locklin
The Meeting, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Lesson of the Moth, Don Marquis
Upon Hearing About The Suicide of the Daughter of Friends, Jo McDougall
The Future, Wesley McNair
Berryman, W.S. Merwin
The Courage My Mother Had, Edna St. Vincent Millay
Working in the Rain, Robert Morgan
White Autumn, Robert Morgan
Toast, Leonard Nathan
To David, About His Education, Howard Nemerov
The Summer Camp Bus Pulls Away From the Curb, Sharon Olds
Spring, Mary Oliver
When Death Comes, Mary Oliver
Love Cook, Ron Padgett
It Is Raining On The House of Anne Frank, Linda Pastan
Since You Asked, Lawrence Raab
A Dialogue of Watching, Kenneth Rexroth
A Singing Voice, Kenneth Rexroth
Rules of Evidence, Lee Robinson
A Million Young Workmen, 1915, Carl Sandburg
Riveted, Robyn Sarah
Sonnet CVI, William Shakespeare
Passing Through A Small Town, David Shumate
Teaching a Child the Art of Confession, David Shumate
High Water Mark, David Shumate
The Altar, Charles Simic
The Benefits of Ignorance, Hal Sirowitz
The Three Kings, Muriel Spark
At the Arraignment, Debra Spencer
Where Go The Boats, Robert Louis Stevenson
All That Time, May Swenson
My Father Gets Up In The Middle of the Night to Watch an Old Movie, Dennis Trudell
Poem For Emily, Miller Williams
Slow Children, Cecilia Woloch
Rye Whiskey, Traditional