Blue Seasons

Blue Seasons is the second collection of poetry from Utah native Austin Hudson. Following the success of his debut collection (Dusk Stars), this book offers readers new poems featuring Hudson's perspective on love, life, and his own personal history.


Dusk Stars

Dusk Stars is the first collection of poems from author and visual artist Austin Hudson. Comprised of forty-four poems, this collection captures Hudson’s earnest, ironic sensibilities towards modern life.


A Field Guide to Strange Things

Not sure how fatal an attack from a Chinese vampire might be? We’ve got you covered. Need to know if that pretty lady by the side of the road is your next partner, or a shape-shifting ghoul intent on taking a bite out of your neck? This guide can help.


Aust & Found: Here & There

Comprised of photographic highlights from 2016, Aust & Found Here and There is a retrospective spanning the western United States. Fans of photography will enjoy this gorgeous, close up look at American native animals, scenery, and classic signage.


Aust & Found: On Route 66

A photographic look at some of the oddities surrounding United States Route 66, this book is the perfect collection for the Americana or travel junkie.